Tips for visiting a barbershop

by at 18/01/2017

When you’re having your time resting on the chair, of course your barber is the one that mostly has to take responsibility for your haircut. But it does not mean that you have no involvement in this process.

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Barbershop – The Fortress of the true gentleman

by at 07/12/2016

Entering a barbershop is to enjoy the men – only space in which men can talk, can meet, can drink,.. the place men got to be their own, freely share everything matters in their life and the most important part is there is no woman allowed to be, no matter what.

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Basic Rights – All about versatile menswear

by at 06/07/2016

I’m kind of lazy, it’s true. I’m always looking for versatile, multipurpose stuff which i can combine every pieces with the other nicely and effortlessly! Have you ever try to find a missing link between a t-shirt and a shirt? Yeah, it’s hard to find right? Thanks God, someone did have duo’s idea to start a label of affordable and elevated … Read More

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