Barbershop – The Fortress of the true gentleman

by at 07/12/2016

Perhaps someone have another idea, but us, the Barbaard team members from Holland share the same vision about the Hair (the “grass” grow on our head but I like the way you think) which is a miracle body part. No one’s hair is like others, we have our own hair type which proves the individuality of the hair even stronger than clothes.

Hair adjustment or some say: “haircut”. “Styling” is keeping the hair under control, showing the nice and hide the defect. Furthermore, men can either expose or cover their own characters, their way of living via the style of the hair. Such miracle thing cannot be poor taken care of by some reckless random barbers, this is the main content that I wanted to talk about in the post:” the importance of Barber’s role in daily life of grooming passionate men”

The true Barber has more power than you think.


Barbering has taken part of our history with the shade of razors, pieces of ancient scissors were found buried in the relics from Bronze Age (about 3500 BC) in Egypt. In the Egyptian culture, the Barbers is no different from celebrities. People said that the male priests were the first examples of barbering.


A barbershop in Bucharest (1842).


The sculpturing that describes the job of barbers in the Age of ancient Egypt.

The ancient Greece men used to pass by the corners in the market for trimming hair, beard, taking care of nails, talking about life, jokes, women,…etc this activity were more becoming like a men’s usual social meeting. This kind of services started to spread out all of old Europe. The “barber shop” had become a must – pass – by location for gentlemen in their daily routine. And till now, the Barber culture is still remained and developing well globally with some famous name like Schorem in Netherland, Fellow Barber in the US, Ruffians in UK,…etc.

Many hair salons in Vietnam self-proclaimed themselves as barbershops, but House of Barbaard knew better.

And now in Viet Nam, House of Barbaard proudly brings you the barber traditions as found in Amsterdam during the 1930s. Feel indulged by the best haircuts, traditional hot towel shaves and our signature beverages and premium products. House of Barbaard’s promise is more than just a haircut and shave but an unforgettable experience that will not disappoint you.

Hot Towel Shave in House of Barbaard.

Entering a Barbershop not only for a haircut

In the Medieval, the barber skills are performed also by the operated doctor and the dentist in some cases. For that, beside “the grooming things”, a barber somehow has the ability to heal the wound and an amount of medical knowledge. This is an expectable explanation for the red and white spinning pole in every barbershop we see, that’s the symbol for blood and bandage in medical sector.


The old fashion barber pole in every barbershop represents for blood and bandage.

Medical knowledge plus skillful hands working perfectly with scissors an razors have turn the barbers into the VIPs (very powerful person) for men’s grooming. To a guy, first time sitting on the barber chair is the starting time for their maturity.

A barbershop has once been created as man’s haven, a place in which men could be themselves, enjoy besides a haircut, also a hot towel shave, a drink or snack and of course a casual chat with their friendly barber. That’s the way House of Barbaard doing!

Entering a barbershop is to enjoy the men – only space in which men can talk, can meet, can drink,.. the place men got to be their own, freely share everything matters in their life and the most important part is there is no woman allowed to be, no matter what.

Barber culture never die!

Barbers always tend to keep the old fashion hair styles or even the closed faded army way. Thus, during the 1960s, the young generation in Europe always wanted to change, to be something different, they wanted to walk out from their father’s shade. The “Barber” was considered as old timers then.

There was a big turn in London in that period: men walked in the hair salon (the grooming place for women) to have more trendy hair style. Despite of this, barber shops still there. Simple because the trend routine always give the barber culture a chance to be back to their golden time. 1990s is the time after a long period of being bullied by hair salons.

The hair styles created by the nowadays barbers are still based on the old classic value but well mixed with the modern style.

The modern barbershops are still able to keep their own signature which is a place, a fortress for men where they can freely talk, chit chat, business discuss … nowadays, the barber shops are walking on a new way which is blending the old fashioned with the trend to attract more kinds of customer.

The interior decoration, the classic barber chair, the friendly but one of a kind barbers are the well-known qualities for the true barber shop. But the most important thing is where you are or when you are, the barber shop is always a place to be not a place to see.