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by at 18/10/2017

Frankly speaking, I am not a watch user by profession. For me, it looks like an accessory, a “bracelet” with the timer function. Wearing watch has been my customary habit for nearly 10 years that I always feel uneasy and confused without it on my wrist. That’s right, watch is an integral part of my daily style and I am sure that many people have the same thought with me.

My watch hobby is prone to design and style. High-quality watches production is getting easier nowadays and design is probably the most competitive part among newly-opened companies. The idea of “affordable luxury” is what made me curious as I had my watch from Filippo Loreti, their aim is to make deluxe watches with reasonable price.

Luxurious watches are defined by their stamina, delicate designs and of course…sky-high prices thus spending thousands of dollars on them can hardly be possible for everyone.

Filippo Loreti – Who are they ?

The watch company astonished Kickstarters community since its first debut in 2015. Its goal is to make the high-quality and easy-to-afford watches by eleminating the intermediaries and retail sellers.

Matas and Danielius Jakutis, the 2 founders of Filippo Loreti.

Founded by Danielius and Matas Jakutis, their initial goal in appealing for fund on Kickstarter was just 20.000 USD and jacked up to 926.620 USD after 30 days. They once again broke their record at the end of the year 2016 with 5,17 milions USD in 30 days with 18.000 supporters.

The inspiration of designing in Filippo Loreti derives from three famous cities in Italy: Venice, Rome and Milan. Prices are reasonable comparing to other brands, ranging from 249 USD for a simple three-hand watch to 519 USD for an automatic one.

Filippo Loreti Venice Black Gold Automatic

This is the watch in the automatic product line that I received from Filippo Loreti with the black of strap, case body and crown contrasting to the golden hands and number markers.

My favorite place for the watch with its sexy curve.

I am personally not a fan of the gold color because of its swankiness and capriciousness. Nevertheless I find it quite relevant in the way they combine the gold with other colors on this watch. The steel bracelet goes with the matte black that well mixes with the full-grain, black strap, making the gold color in the hands and hour marks a soft, delicate detail.


The push butterfly clasp used in the Venice Black Gold with adjustable strap’s width.

The Venice Black Gold’s back side, like many other automatic watches, is made by transparent glass, showing the Japan 9100 Miyota mechanical parts inside. When fully charged, this watch can theoratically runs in 40 hours, my practical test result was 39 hours and 20 minutes. The back case also has the watch’s number as it is limited version with only 1641 products were made, mine is 0383.

As mentioned above, the Filippo Loreti’s inspiration comes from the Italian architecture. This time, the affatus was The golden church Basilica di San Marco in Venice with the modern and sleek design.

Details on the dial are very well-arranged.


The final product with the delicate and precise mixture has enough of elegance and formality when pair with a suit, yet still active and fashionable with casual clothes like jeans and T-shirts.

One more thing that satisfies me in this watch is practicality. You can be aware of anything with just a single glance at:

– Hour, minute and second hands in the middle

– Energy indicator on the 12-o’clock side

– Day of the week on the 9-o’clock side

– Month on the 3-o’clock side

– Day/night indicator on the 6-o’clock side

– Date on the 4.30 – side

To summarize, this Filippo Loreti’s Venice Black Gold is a eye-catching watch since  6 out of 10 of my friends have made their guesses on its value much higher than its official retail price: 519 USD. The company has never expressed its interest of publicizing the origin and manufacturing place as they confidently state the good quality by 10-year warranty for all of their products. You can find out more information at:

So if you fell in love with a Filippo Loreti watches, I would recommend you to purchase via the mediate agencies (ordering service, hand-carried merchandise…etc) so it would significantly save your money instead of direct shipment from the website with a huge tax :))

Filippo Loreti is calling up capital for their new collection with their carefully and intensively-designed watches. For more information, visit:

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