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Kent Combs & Brushes are renowned for their outstanding reputation and remarkable title as the world’s oldest combs and hairbrush manufacturer. Their success has been built upon the rich British heritage as well as their high-quality service and haircare expertise. Having manufactured for 240 years, Kent Brushes offer an extensive choice of over 250 products.

Aside from our rich heritage and exceptional repute, Kent Combs & Brushes are most famous for their range of hairbrushes which consists of products to cater for any hair type, length or style and budget. Kent Combs & Brushes are the perfect choice for both barbershop and home use.

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Kent Pocket Comb

Kent, Accessories

This Kent Handmade Comb Set from the UK comes with a fine toothed comb and a leather case for easy carrying. This set features the quality and craftsmanship that comes with every Kent product. Each comb glides effortlessly through hair w...


Kent Folding Comb

Kent, Accessories

This Kent Handmade Folding Comb from the UK will help protect your clothes from any excess product held in the head from leaching into unwanted places e.g your suit pocket or the lining of your favourite man bag. This comb features the q...