Piggy Back – Reuzel Blue


Your favourite Reuzel Pomade is now available in a limited edition Piggy Back. Get two of your favourite pomades in a Reuzel gift box for a reduced price. The Piggy Back includes a small (35 grams) and medium (113 grams) Reuzel Pomade. Ideal for travelling and perfect for home use.

Reuzel Blue is our Water based, Strong hold Pomade that has a manly scent of vanilla wood. It holds like a heavy wax yet rinses out as easily as a gel. You are able to control its degree of strength and shine by the dampness of your hair during application. This super concentrated Pomade works on any hair thickness or texture and creates a great looks for any hairstyle. Reuzel Blue is like Reuzel Red on steroids.


Water based




Strong hold


High shine


113 gr., 35 gr.