Tips for visiting a barbershop

by at 18/01/2017

A trip to the barber may be just another routine appointment on your busy calendar. When you’re having your time resting on the chair, of course your barber is the one that mostly has to take responsibility for your haircut. But it does not mean that you have no involvement in this process. So I just wonder are you on your best barbershop behavior ? Here is some our tips for this:

Before you start

Try to book your appointment when your barber are most likely available..

Though it is not always true all the time but logically thinking, people usually have their haircuts at the weekend when they can spend much more free time on taking care of themselves. Thus booking an appointment in the morning could be a wise choice.

If you already made an appointment for a cut, be sure to keep it. Being a few minutes late early in the day can actually have a catastrophic effect on your barber’s schedule, which may make him rush through your cut to save time. That means you will get a rushed cut.

Hair is best cut when it’s in a natural state — without any styling products, so coming in with a clean head of hair will be greatly appreciated by your stylist. But don’t worry too much if you haven’t washed your head yet, you could do it right at the barbershop. At House of Barbaard, we have Reuzel Hair Tonic to restyle and make your hair more flexible to cut. In addition, having a dry and original hair can help your barber to identify your hair type or the structure of your head for confidently doing his job.

Beer and wine are also served before and during the cut, but try to not be a drunk sitting on the chair ! Seriously 🙂

During the cut

Be as specific as possible before your barber starts to cut your hair.  If you don’t know exactly what you would like, bring in a couple pictures of styles that you like and ask him if they’re sutable for your hair type, length, and conditions.

When getting your haircut, you should be as thorough as possible when describing the type of style you want. This is best achieved by knowing the clipper sizes and hair length associated with each number guard. If you just ask for a “trim,” the barber has no idea how much hair you’re talking about.

Number guards usually run from 1 to 8 and represent length in inches. For example, a #1 guard is 1/8 of an inch, a #4 guard is 4/8 of an inch, and #8 guard is an inch. By knowing these numbers, you can easily communicate with your barber and let him know exactly what you want.

Keep your phone out of the conversation – mind the shop talk.

Being respectful by putting away your phone or turning it into the vibrating mode during the haircut, you’ll make your barber’s job a lot harder if you’re nodding and bobbing your head in rhythm to the chat session. It’s rude not only to your barber, but also to the fellow patrons at the shop. Politely inform him in advance when you must have a talk with someone else and try to turn back to the process asap.

Your barber is also your friend, talk with him. The more he know about you, the better haircut he can give to you.

The mirror should be the best way to communicate with your barber. A sudden turn to one side can accidentally hurt you by touching the razor and I’m 100% sure you don’t want to walk out of the barbershop with an “injured haircut” right ? 🙂

Asking for advice

When you finish the cut and everything went well but you’re still not through about how to deal with the sideburns or which pomade is gonna be the best choice for your hair…etc, don’t be hesitant to pepper your barber with questions. They’re always willing to respond and answer you to make their “work of hair” as perfect as possible.